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Technology has this been an area of extreme change in our lives. Even today the thieves of the world have gone high tech. That is why we offer Lojack the world leader in stolen vehicle recovery. Lojack is a anti-theft devise that is hidden in a customer's car. If you the customer are more than 30 feet from the vehicle it activates. Now if your vehicle moves more than 3 feet Lojack notifies you that the vehicle has moved. When you get the notification you call the police and report the vehicle stolen, a radio signal is sent to the Lojack unit which emits a uniquely coded signal directly to the police. Police track the signal and use it to recover the vehicle. In today's world professional thieves are not only after our cars but our homes as well. Lojack helps with protecting your home as well. Thieves today not only steal your vehicle but your registration with your address on it, they then take your garage door opener and community gate remote call the thieve buddies with a very large truck and go to your house and take your life and flip it upside down. With the Lojack all of that can be prevented and it comes with a lifetime warranty. Call me today and I can you help you protect both your vehicle and your car with Lojack.

These are just a couple of the investment protection products we offer here at Massey CADILLAC. I will be happy to answer any question you may have.

Thank you,

Melinda Canter

Finance Director


Orlando Car Loan

Get a Free Orlando Car Loan Quote- Good and Bad Credit Accepted! Massey CADILLAC of Orlando helps people with all credit situations. Most people need a car loan to finance their new car or used car purchase. The finance experts at Massey CADILLAC of Orlando help people with all types of special finance needs drive their dream car home. Regardless of where you are in the car buying process, request a free, secure auto loan quote. Massey CADILLAC of Orlando works with only trusted lenders to bring you low rates and flexible terms. Use this easy guaranteed secure auto loan application and get started with buying a car today!

Lease vs. Buy

Whether you lease or buy a new car, you must know which fits your situation best. When you buy a car, you pay for the whole vehicle. You will usually make a down payment, pay the sales taxes in cash or roll these taxes into your auto loan and pay an interest rate. You usually will make your first payment a month after you sign your contract. This option is great if you like to keep your cars for a long period of time and have a need to put unlimited miles on the vehicle.

When you lease, you are paying only for what you use. You do not have to have money to put down, you typically only pay sales tax on your monthly payments, and are charged with a money factor that is similar to the interest rate on a loan. You make your first payment at the time you sign your contract.

Learn from our trained finance staff about financing your next vehicle.

We are ready to make your auto buying experience a stress free one. Our staff, online or onsite, is ready to help you!

Orlando Car Loans - Massey North

Massey North can help you buy the car of your dreams! Our professional financing department helps customers secure a car loan in the Orlando area, or find a customized new car lease option. We can even help Florida residents with less than perfect credit get an auto loan. Fill out our financing contact form below if you would like to have us get in touch with you to answer any financing questions. Apply online right now using our online finance application. You can also call us at 800-798-0116, or stop by our CADILLAC dealership at 4241 North John Young Parkway, Orlando, FL 32804 to speak to an experienced new and used car loan professional today!

Bad credit? No credit? Don't let credit problems hold you back from buying a new CADILLAC, or a quality used car. Call Massey North - we can help!

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Why Should You Do Business With Us?

A very good question in a time where we all question everything we do, say or feel. We live in a time where very little we hear is positive either by the media or each other. We listen and we become guarded and defensive and we do not hear the positives that are all around us. Here are a few positives that are here at Massey CADILLAC.

Massey CADILLAC is a part of our community and has been for generations going back to the days of Braun CADILLAC in downtown Orlando. This dealership is where your grandparent's mothers and fathers dreamed of coming and driving of the showroom with a brand a new CADILLAC and fulfilling their lives with a symbol of pride not only unto themselves but a beacon of the hard work and dedication that they have achieved. Today our goal at Massey CADILLAC is to give you and your family that sense of achievement and pride when you come into our showroom.

Award winning tradition is part of who we are at Massey CADILLAC. 17 years straight and counting Massey CADILLAC has won the Master Dealers award and Mark of Excellence award from General Motors. These awards are only given to the best and brightest in General Motors for superior customer satisfaction in sales and service.

Awards tell our customers that we can be trusted for the awards can only be achieved through our customer. General Motors and JD Powers & Associates survey our customers as to how well we are taking care of them from the initial introduction to Massey CADILLAC and throughout the whole ownership experience.

Incredible people is the answer to what makes the experience, the awards, and pride of why you should buy from Massey CADILLAC. We have people that have worked in this company for decades. In fact we have a salesperson that has been here for more than 30 years. We have service technicians that have been here for over 15 years. We also have company and name Massey CADILLAC that we can be proud of and now that for years and years to come we will be here and ready to take care of you and your family.

Please come and bring your family and meet our family and Massey CADILLAC and become part of the tradition.

Alfredo Moreno


General Sales Manager

"Investment Protection"

In today's economic charged climate we have seen a great many changes in our finance department with our customers. People are looking at their current vehicle and/or the next vehicle in a different way. People understand the economics of how a vehicle impacts their pocket books. Now they are looking a little further at the future impact in keeping their vehicles longer.

Here at Massey we understand that your vehicle represents the hard work, dedication, and effort you have made through the years and the symbol of pride that we bestow on our vehicles that has been handed down from generation to generation. That is why here at Massey we offer several investment protection products to our customers.

General Motors Protection Plan (GMPP) offers customers extended service plans for their vehicles. We know that vehicles take over 15,000 parts to build. Now being man made and cars being nearly perfect let us say 99.8% perfect. A 15,000 part vehicle and 99.8% perfection still leaves a vehicle that will have 30 broken parts.

GMPP offers the protection against those costly mechanical, electrical, and high-tech computer failures even if it from normal wear and tear. All the parts, labor, roadside assistance, and rental car is covered by GMPP. GMPP can be added to a vehicle under 75,000 miles and 2002 model or newer. GMPP even makes it affordable with their 0% finance program. Please call today for more detail and pricing.

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